The Otumoetai College motto was designed by Mr F Graham and embodies three concepts.

The silver torch with its red flame standing on a forest green background, depicts the light of learning to be kept burning and handed on from generation to generation.

The star beneath the torch is the heraldic recognition of Otumoetai as the third college in the community.

The silver waves on the dark blue background represent the quiet waters of the estuary near the College.  In former years the Maori people of Matakana Island regularly crossed the harbour to the estuary to set their nets and spend a quiet day on the shore.  The peaceful serenity of the area is implied in its name, Otumoetai - "Peaceful Waters".

The motto 'DOCTRINA VITAM ILLUMINET" (Let learning enlighten life/He Akonga te Oranga) reminds us that education is not merely a process of obtaining qualifications for a job, but one which should bring us wisdom and so improve the quality of our lives and of the world in which we live.

The college motto is therefore more than an adornment for clothing; it embodies ideas which can be an inspiration to us now and in later life.